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The benefits of adhesive remover spray

Many ostomates will say an adhesive remover is an essential part of their stoma care. Others will manage without; it is a purely personal preference. But there are many benefits of introducing an adhesive remover into your daily stoma care routine, the most important being that it helps make the removal of your stoma appliance quick, easy and gentle.

It doesn’t take long for peristomal skin to become sore and irritated by the frequent removal of your stoma appliance. Skin injuries can occur when the skin to the adhesive attachment (ie the backing plate to your stoma product) is stronger than the skin cell to skin cell attachment. The removal of the stratum corneum by adhesives is often referred to as skin stripping. This skin damage has the potential to cause wounds that require healing and leave the skin at risk of potential infection.

Many people such as the very young or elderly have more vulnerable and fragile skin. Therefore, they are more at risk of skin injury from adhesives in their stoma appliance and would be wise to use a gentle adhesive remover to help protect their skin. By introducing a medical adhesive remover, it protects from the harmful effects of repeated skin stripping and makes changing your pouch pain-free and non-traumatic!

About adhesive removers:

  • Adhesive removers are available in a spray or a handy individual wipe
  • Most adhesive removers are silicone-based, latex-free and alcohol-free, therefore they will not make the skin sting, even when it is sore
  • They are skin-friendly and usually dry within seconds of use
  • They refresh the skin, leaving it feeling clean and adhesive-free
  • Quiet spray for discreet use
  • Non-chilling to the skin
  • The aerosol can be sprayed at all angles
  • Although most adhesive removers are fragrance-free, there are some which have a menthol or citrus fragrance that can help to mask odours
  • Others contain tea tree oil for antiseptic and antifungal properties which will help soothe any sore skin. Or infused with Vitamin E
  • They are safe for all age groups

How to use an adhesive remover spray?

The key to removing all stoma appliance is to take it slow and steady so that you don’t pull at the skin. Sprays are applied to the edge of the wafer and more can be applied as the wafer is peeled off.

Ensure your pouch is empty before you start and that you have a fresh one at the ready.  Start by gently lifting a top corner of your stoma appliance and peel back slightly. Spray a small amount of adhesive remover onto this exposed area between your skin and the appliance. Allow a couple of seconds for the liquid to trickle down behind the flange, releasing the flange from your skin. Repeat this a few times, slowly pulling the appliance each time.

If you are using adhesive remover wipes, use them in a similar way, but run the wipe along the exposed skin to help release the stoma appliance. 

Removal of residue:

Areas of adhesive residue can be left behind following the removal of the stoma appliance, this has a sticky glue-like appearance and is often tricky to remove. As the stoma appliance heats up with our body temperature, especially in the summer months, it can be a common problem for ostomates as the glue melts slightly and patches are left behind on the skin. Simply spray the adhesive remover onto a dry wipe and then wipe along the areas of glue on your skin, they should come away gently. Alternatively, if using an adhesive remover wipe, gently across the areas.

How do I get an adhesive remover spray and which one?

The choice is yours whether you prefer a spray or a wipe. The adhesive remover sprays are generally more popular, but if dexterity is an issue for you, you may find the handy wipes much easier to use, If you need advice please contact your Stoma Care Nurse, they will guide you with your options and how much you will need each month. The adhesive remover sprays and wipes are available from all delivery companies and can be added to your monthly order.

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