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Stoma Necrosis – what exactly is it?

21st September 2020

Stoma necrosis is a serious, yet uncommon complication of having a stoma. It occurs when the blood supply to/ from the stoma is impaired or interrupted, resulting in partial or...

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Some of the Most Common Stoma Problems

10th September 2020

People with stomas will know that from time to time, they may experience a problem with their stoma. The most common stoma problems are not serious and can be overcome...

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Sleeping with a Stoma – How to Ensure a Good Night Sleep

28th August 2020

We all know just how important sleep is, it gives us the energy we need for the day ahead and leaves us in a good mood and feeling positive. Not...

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Our advice for living with IBD

5th August 2020

Living with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) can be challenging. These challenges do vary from person to person and it may take a lot of adjustment to get back to a...

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Our Guide for Changing a Stoma Bag

27th July 2020

Changing your stoma bag is a regular occurrence for ostomates, and if you’re new to it all you may be wondering what the best method is for changing your bag....

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Who Should You Tell About Your Stoma and How Exactly Should You Word It?

21st July 2020

Many ostomates find it difficult to open up about their stomas, particularly when their stoma is new and they haven’t properly adjusted to it yet. Some ostomates also wonder who...

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