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Finding the right product at the right time for me

It will generally take a few weeks for your stoma and the output to settle down following surgery and as a result your product needs may change soon after surgery.

As time passes other changes your body undergoes naturally may mean your favourite product no longer fits as it once did.  These changes may include weight gain as you recover from the illness that precipitated the operation; or skin ageing, developing new folds or becoming sore.

As these changes occur, it’s important you work with your stoma care nurse specialist to ensure an appropriate solution is found for you.  For example, soreness around the stoma may prompt a simple switch to an alginate wafer, which will promote healing.

For new ostomates our simple self-assessment tool will help you assess your body’s profile and for old-hands it can help you decide if your body has changed since your product solution was last assessed.

1. Where is your stoma located?

Card image cap
A. My Stoma is on the left
Card image cap
B. My Stoma is on the right

2. What is the consistency of your output like?

Card image cap
A. It is soft to firm - formed stool
Card image cap
B. It is usually thinner than toothpaste consistency
Card image cap
C. My output is urine

3. Is your stoma in a tummy fold or crease?

Card image cap
A. No
Card image cap
B. Yes

4. Where is your stoma opening in relation to the surface of your skin?

Card image cap
A. It is flush with my skin
Card image cap
B. It is retracted below the surface of my skin
Card image cap
C. It protrudes above the surface of my skin

5. What is the condition of the skin around your stoma?

Card image cap
A. It is healthy
Card image cap
B. It is sore, red, has a rash or is weeping

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