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Stoma surgery – what to take to the hospital

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So you’ve been given the date of your stoma surgery, you know what hospital it’s at and what time you need to be there, but what do you actually need to take with you? This is a question many people have when they’re going into hospital for stoma surgery, which is why we’ve provided some of the essentials here…

The necessities

The main necessities that you need to remember to take with you include your toothbrush, a hairbrush, deodorant, extra pairs of underwear, and whatever other toiletries you can’t live without.

There are also some legal documents that you should take with you, these include a form of ID, insurance cards, a list of medications including the name, dosage and frequency. It’s also a good idea to take a list of important phone numbers in case you need to make contact with anyone.

As long as you’ve packed these necessities, you can’t go far wrong. Of course, there are other things to take to make your hospital stay the best it can be.

Things to keep you busy

Whilst you’ll be doing a lot of sleeping, you’ll still have a lot of time on your hands during your hospital stay. Therefore, you need to take things with you to keep yourself entertained, after all, there’s only so much daytime TV you can watch before losing your mind.

Pack your laptop or tablet that has access to a range of tv shows and movies, a mobile phone to keep in touch with your friends and family, and headphones to listen to your favourite music. You can also pack your favourite book, magazines, crosswords, a notebook or diary and even some playing cards! Whatever keeps you entertained in your free time, take it with you to the hospital.

Things to keep you comfortable

One thing that can massively improve your hospital experience is through doing what you can to make yourself comfortable. So, pack your favourite comfy PJs, your dressing gown, and even your bed socks, and try to make yourself feel at home.

You can even bring some home comforts such as your favourite teddy bear, photographs of family or friends and even your comfiest cushion.

What you take with you to hospital is completely up to you and there is no right or wrong answer, just make sure you pack the things you need and also some things to keep you busy. If you’ve got any other questions regarding your hospital visit, feel free to speak to our nurses or your doctor for expert advice.

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