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With the current situation that we find ourselves in and the spreading of the coronavirus, we understand that now is an extremely important time to ensure we all work together and prioritise our health.

At Oakmed we want to make sure that we are doing everything we can to care for our customers and the ostomate community. One of the ways in which life can be made easier for ostomates is to switch to a stoma delivery service rather than having to go to your local pharmacy to pick up your supplies.

We’ve explained some of the benefits of using a delivery service below as well as some information about GoldCare, who provide discreet delivery of stoma supplies.

Benefits of Using a Delivery Service

In these times of uncertainty, we are aware that many of our customers have been advised to self-isolate due to underlying health conditions. As a result, many find themselves staying at home and avoiding all public places, with many even getting their food shopping done by a relative. 

In these times, switching to a delivery service can be really helpful as it eliminates the need to go to the pharmacy to pick up your stoma supply prescription. Therefore, reducing the risk of picking up the virus.

Aside from the current situation with the coronavirus, there are a number of other benefits of switching to a delivery service for your stoma supplies. Some of the main benefits are:

It’s hassle free and it saves time

Save yourself the time and hassle of having to go to your pharmacy and get your stoma supplies delivered straight to your door instead.

It’s completely free of charge

Often we find that ostomates think they need to pay for a delivery service, but it’s actually completely free and all done using your prescription. This means no delivery costs and free products as usual.

It’s quick

Another common perception is that delivery services can leave ostomates waiting around for products that they urgently need. However, this isn’t the case and items can be delivered in as little as 24-48 hours upon receipt of your prescription. 

About Goldcare

GoldCare is a stoma care delivery company who provide a discreet, brand-neutral service bringing the products you need to properly care for your stoma straight to your doorstep. GoldCare are specialists in dealing with daily orders for all types and makes of appliances and they are more likely to have exactly what you need in stock than your local pharmacy is. 

Signing up for GoldCare is hassle-free and completely free of charge. Simply enter your details into the online form and a member of their team will contact you. You can find out more about how GoldCare works and sign-up to their service here.

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