Introducing the Oakmed Product Selector

Finding the right product to suit your particular situation can be difficult, especially just after surgery whilst your stoma and output is settling and you may need to change products. There’s also a good chance that as time passes and your body shape changes, your current product may become less effective.


This is something we’ve heard from our customers many times, which is why we decided to do something about it. Enter the Oakmed Product Selector, an incredibly simple way to find the most ideal products for you. Simply answer a few questions, including the location of your stoma, your output type and the condition of your skin to find out which products are recommended for you.



This self-assessment tool will limit the need to ask for advice from stoma care nurses or specialists, and provide instantaneous answers.



Often you will find there are multiple products that are well suited to your particular condition. The selector will highlight as many products as possible to give you the best choice and range, helping you make a more informed decision.   

Having trouble with your stoma? Try the Product Selector for yourself here

If you’re still unsure, you can always get in touch and speak to one of our experts on 0800 592 786.

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