Introducing the NEW Closure to our Drainable Bag Range

We are happy to introduce the brand new closure to our range of drainable stoma bags. The new closure features instant reliability and security, giving ostomates extra peace of mind. 

The closure has many unique features and provides a range of benefits for users. Read on to find out how you use the closure, as well as it’s unique features and benefits.

How it works

When we were developing the new closure, ease of use was a top priority! Featuring a unique ‘turn, turn, tuck’ design, the new closure is incredibly easy for ostomates to use whilst providing them with the added comfort and security they need.

To use the new closure, simply:

  1. Turn up the neck of the bag
  2. Turn again, folding the end over the tab and pressing firmly together
  3. Tuck the closure easily and securely up inside the front softcover

These three simple steps ensure that the closure on your bag is as secure as possible, preventing any potential leaks.

Features and benefits

The new closure has been developed to provide a whole host of benefits for ostomates, with unique features to provide additional comfort and security.

The closure features strong contact material to provide instant security and keep your mind at ease no matter where you are. Additionally, the closure can be used with just one hand for added convenience! As mentioned above, the closure can easily be tucked up inside the front cover and features a large release tab which is easy to locate for users. 

A common problem that we see with the closure on regular drainable bags is that they often catch and snag on clothes, making them quite uncomfortable for the person wearing them. This is why we’ve specifically designed the new closure to feature tapered edges and contact material which effectively reduces snagging on clothing. For additional convenience, the outlet can simply be wiped clean by the user, avoiding any hassle with cleaning the closure of the bag.

Finally, the new closure features a long outlet which not only helps to facilitate emptying, but it can also be creased to form a spout which aids in draining of the pouch.


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