COVID-19 – Our Advice to Ostomates

We find ourselves in uncertain times with the coronavirus (Covid-19) which seems to be taking over everyone’s life at the moment. Firstly, we’d just like to send our best wishes and support to all of our customers and social media followers, while this is a difficult time, remaining calm and being there for one another is really important! 

We thought we would write a quick article giving our advice on dealing with the coronavirus outbreak as an ostomate and the impact that this is having on everyday life. We have also included some important advice that the government has released.

Whilst we are aware that many of our customers will be more vulnerable than others due to varying health conditions, it’s important not to panic and listen to the advice being given by the Government and Healthcare Professionals.

Stoma Supplies

We understand that a likely concern for ostomates will be whether they are going to run out of stoma supplies. This is understandable and we would advise that all ostomates ensure they have plenty of supplies to last them, and if they are running short, to stock up in preparation. Again, this is not a reason to panic, but simply to make sure you are well prepared in case of any potential disruptions.

Stocking up now will also help to put your mind at ease and ensure that whatever happens over the next couple of weeks, you can still manage your stoma the way you normally would. Remember to also stock up on any accessories that you normally use as well as your preferred stoma bags. 

If you have any questions, contact your stoma nurse who will be happy to help you.

Key Advice from the Government

The government has issued plenty of advice to ensure we all take the steps needed to minimise our risk. As of today, the key pieces of information are:

  • If you are over the age of 70 or have any underlying health conditions (chronic kidney disease, problems with your spleen, diabetes and more. Full list of conditions can be found here) you should follow strict social distancing measures. We are aware that many of our customers will fall into this category, therefore we encourage you all to take the precautions necessary to look after your health.
  • Everyone should wash their hands more frequently and for a minimum of 20 seconds using soap and hot water. This is particularly important after coughing, sneezing, blowing your nose or after being in public areas.
  • If anyone in your household suspects they have the virus, all people in the household should self-isolate for 14 days.
  • Clean and disinfect regularly touched objects and surfaces using your regular cleaning products to reduce the risk of passing the infection on to other people.
  • Avoid all unnecessary contact with people and stay at home where you possibly can.

The government is issuing new advice daily, so it’s important to listen to any new information and to act on the advice given. You can find all of the latest advice on the Gov UK website here.

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