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Christmas markets considerations for ostomates

It’s that time of year again when the festive crowds gather for the Christmas markets, or maybe a festive show or even just general shopping, which can be difficult for ostomates.

Many ostomates will want to get involved, although be acutely aware of the problems that being away from home and part of a large crowd can bring. Leakage has been listed as one of the top fears for those with a stoma, and large crowds with limited toilets can be an issue. You may feel as though your stoma bag could come loose in a crowd, even though they’re designed to stay firmly attached.

We would strongly encourage ostomates to put any fears to the back of their mind and enjoy the festivities! It’s essential that you enjoy all of the things you always have, and if Christmas markets are one of them then there are a few things you can do to take precautions against unforeseen accidents.

Carry extra supplies

Before setting off to your local Christmas markets, make sure you have all of the supplies that you might need in case of an emergency. An additional bag, as well as some wet wipes and tissues, are an absolute must have. It’s good to have these things any time you are out and about in more active spaces. Many ostomates will carry these as a matter of course at all times. After all, you can never be too prepared.

Research the available facilities

Half of the battle is knowing your surroundings. It’s worth taking half an hour to do some research on the facilities that are available where you’re going. Find out where the nearest toilet or disabled toilet is just in case you need to make an impromptu trip. If you have a RADAR key, make sure you have it hand. If you don’t, call us on 0800 592 786 and we can get one to you for free!

You could also get in touch with the event organisers to find out if any additional considerations have been made for people with disabilities. There are also a number of apps that are now available to download from your app store that will help in your planning.

Choose the correct products

Make sure you have a pouch that’s designed to limit leakage. Oakmed Microskin pouches feature a larger adhesive area are great for this as their film-like adhesive clings to the skin, fitting to folds and contours of the body, almost like a second skin. This makes it an incredibly popular product with active people as Microskin pouches are less likely to become loose than others.

Most importantly, above all else, don’t forget to have a great time!

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