4 reasons to switch to a delivery service for stoma products

There’s no getting away from the fact that there are many inconveniences to having a stoma. It’s a condition that makes everything in day to day life that little bit more difficult. Whether it’s trying to change your pouch on a busy train or the extra preparations you need to make before going on holiday. However, one of the smaller inconveniences that can be negated is picking up your stoma products.

A brand-neutral delivery service, such as GoldCare, can make sure your products are delivered directly to your doorstep! This has all kinds of advantages, including:

#1 – Hassle free and saves time

For many, going out to pick up a prescription can be a difficult task, especially if you’re not feeling well or are still in recovery after an operation. With a delivery service, you can have everything you need delivered directly to your door conveniently. Save yourself the trouble of travelling across town to the nearest chemist and the time that goes along with it!

#2 – It’s 100% free to use

Quite commonly we find that ostomates think they might have to pay for a delivery service. In fact, it’s all done using your prescription too, so no need to worry about getting the wrong products or paying for them! Speaking about not paying, the service itself is also free to use so there are also no delivery costs to pay.

#3 – It’s quick

Many people worry that a delivery service will mean waiting around for products that are urgently needed. However, items can be delivered in as little as 24-48 hours upon receipt of prescription to ensure you have your stoma products replenished in a quick and efficient manner. It does mean being a little bit organised and ordering a few days before running out, but we wouldn’t recommend letting your products run any lower than a weeks worth even if you were picking them up manually.

#4 – There’s sometimes added extras…

Some services will send complimentary items with your first delivery! GoldCare, for example, send a whole bunch of useful items, including a toilet bag, curved scissors, clothing clip, mirror, wipes, disposable bags, mattress covers, RADAR keys for disabled toilets and a flat pack bag stand.

So, if you’re unsure about switching to a delivery service, we can’t recommend it highly enough. Life with a stoma can be difficult enough, why not take advantage of one thing that can make it that bit easier?

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