Stoma advice for cold weather

There’s a lot of information out there discussing the implications of a stoma in hot weather, but not quite as much for the cold. That’s partially because cold weather is a much more ideal environment for ostomates. Typically, ostomy products will adhere and perform better during colder weather, however, there is one thing to consider…

The air is usually drier during Winter, which can lead to dry skin, flaking and irritation, which can be especially troublesome around the stoma area. Although the stoma bag should still adhere with no issue, this can become uncomfortable, which is why we’ve come up with a few handy tips:

Invest in a humidifier

You can pick up a relatively cheap humidifier which should help to prevent your skin from becoming too dry in the cold weather. Be careful not to overdo it though as too much moisture can cause the adhesive on a stoma bag to loosen, it could also potentially cause mould in the home. Between 30-50% humidity is usually a good rule of thumb, you can measure this using a hygrometer.

Use moisturiser

Ensure the skin around your stoma doesn’t become irritated by applying moisturiser regularly. However, we would caution to be careful not to overdo it as to compromise the effectiveness of the adhesive. A topical skin barrier, such as iLex, could be the perfect solution.

Also, consider ordering extra supplies…

An entirely separate point, but there is always the chance that adverse weather conditions will affect the ability to have your supplies delivered. It can also prevent you from being able to head out to pick up more in person. We would always recommend making sure you have more products than you need just in case.

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