Making the most of Mother’s Day

With a matter of days before Mothering Sunday falls upon us, and some nice weather hopefully on its way, this is the ideal time to  make the most out of spending some extra time with your family. For most people, Mother’s Day is considered a family holiday and as such, it brings with it the opportunity to take part in fun activities, be it a weekend away or indulging in a meal out at your favourite restaurant. If you’re worried that, as an ostomate, your family time will be affected, there is really no need. With a few precautions in mind, you’ll be able to enjoy the Mother’s Day celebrations just like everybody else.

Family time is a very important part of our lives, so the last thing that you want to be thinking about is your stoma. If you can, try to push all of your worries to the back of your mind and make the most of being surrounded by some of the people closest to you. These are a few simple steps that you can take in order to give yourself some firm reassurance and to help lift any concerns that might be bugging you.

If you’ve got the weekend planned out with some fun Mother’s Day activities, but a feeling a little bit uneasy about your stoma, there are a few specific products that we would recommend. You may find it a better experience to wear a slightly smaller pouch. This helps to reduce the amount of obstruction that you experience, therefore allowing you to enjoy whatever it may be that you are doing without being too uncomfortable. If a sporty or outdoorsy activity is on the agenda, you might like to try using a stoma bag from our Primo range. This range benefits from a high tack adhesive to provide you with extra security and reassurance, plus an anatomical shape which ensures extra comfort and allows you to enjoy family time without worrying about your stoma.

Perhaps you have planned to have a weekend away, or even a day out, with your family on Mothering Sunday. As an extra precaution, we recommend that you check out the facilities of the places that you’re going to be visiting. It might sound silly, but knowing the location of the nearest restroom facilities is a very simple way to give yourself that extra piece of mind so that you can relax and enjoy your day.

There is no reason why your stoma should get in the way of the previous time spent with your family this Mother’s Day. By taking a small number of straightforward precautions and having some spare supplies on board, you’ve done everything possible to enjoy your Mother’s Day celebrations.

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