About Us

Coming from a group of companies with a long history of association with the healthcare industry, particularly in stoma and wound care, Oakmed Limited was formed to provide end users and healthcare professionals with an increased choice of products and services - an alternative option. In the autumn of 1998 at the RCN stoma care forum, Warwick University, Oakmed launched its first range of products, the Option range.

Oakmed is a proactive company developing to meet the needs of end users and healthcare professionals, now and in the future. Our products and services are improved and developed with your assistance. As well as making information on products and services available, this web site provides you with the opportunity to provide any feedback you would like us to know about.

The aim of the Company is clear and simple:

To provide the highest quality products and services to all those involved with ostomy and wound care whilst ensuring they are cost effective for the National Health Service.

Our dedicated customer support team is also available on our freephone number to answer your questions and process product requests.

Thank you for your support

Vincent Smears
Managing Director.
Oakmed, helping you every step NHS
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