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added security & everyday use the Microskin drainable bag is perfect.

The Microskin wafer is
  • Thinner than plastic food wrap
  • Nearly weightless
  • 5 times more stretchable than human skin.
Microskin benefits
  • Wearers say they forget they are wearing it
  • Moves with your movements without separating even during strenuous exercise
The bag
  • Is drainable at the bottom and has a secure safe seal Soft Touch closure - no clips required (except for mini bag)
  • Has a charcoal filter which allows for the controlled release of deodorised air and it also helps prevent ballooning
  • Comes with a discreet split film front cover for you to be able to check what is happening without having to remove your bag
Packs of 30 Mini drainalbe Midi ileostomy with Soft Touch closure Standard drainable with Soft Touch closure
Cut to fit 10 - 50mm M-2160k - -
Cut to fit 20 - 50mm - MV-4320k MV-4120k
  M-2160k M-2160k M-2160k
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Microskin fitted

Ostomy awards 2010

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