Easylease Adhesive Remover Spray.

Easylease adhesive remover spray is now available from Oakmed. It is used to help in the removal of the pouch and clean up any adhesive residue.

When removing the pouch it can be removed by just physically pulling but this action does lead to the removal of loosely bound skin cell layers causing "skin stripping". This can lead to the skin becoming more susceptible to attack from effluent and therefore more likely to experience skin breakdown.

Now available on prescription

Easylease spray is a silicone based no sting medical adhesive remover used to help remove the pouch or to clean any adhesive residue or paste from the skin after removing the pouch.

The silicone works by rapidly penetrating the adhesive-skin bond on the peristomal skin surface to form an interposing layer. This is the type of adhesive remover is the product of choice by many Health Care Professionals

The spray contains:

-Tea tree oil for antiseptic properties

-Silicone for a gentle, no sting removal of the adhesive

The spray can has "Bag on Valve" technology which means

-No propellants required

-No "chill" feeling when sprayed onto the skin

-100% product in the can (room not taken up with propellants)

-All product is used - no leftover product remains in can


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