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Tips To Help With Pancaking

Pancaking occurs when the stool sits on and around the stoma and fails to drop down into the appliance. As more stool comes out there is nowhere for it to go so often finds its way out beneath the flange. It can sometime be a problem for people with colostomies, causing leakage and sore skin. This can be caused by the filter on the bag being too effective or because the stool is too ‘sticky’ It is a tricky problem to resolve but there are a few tips below for you to try.

To avoid pancaking, before applying your appliance:

  • Place filter cover on filter. Towards the top of your appliance there is a filter that allows air to escape from the bag. Sometimes this works too well and it is worth placing a filter cover over this (they are the little stickers that come in the box with your bags) This allows air to keep the bag from sucking together so there is more room for the stool to move down.
  • Place a wet or scrunched up tissue into the appliance. This helps hold the sides of the bag open.
  • Grease inside of appliance with oil (olive oil or baby oil). To help the stool slide down.
  • Increase your fluids. Often the stool is very sticky and by altering your diet and most importantly increasing your fluid intake helps change the consistency of the stool.

If the problem persists try taking one sachet of Fybogel a day. This is a drink with extra fibre in which can be purchased from the chemist. Also talk to your Stoma Care Nurse.

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