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Things that might cause stoma pain and what you can do about it

7th April 2021

From time to time ostomates may experience problems with their stoma. Some common stoma issues can be easily identified and resolved before causing too much discomfort or pain. The most...

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Stoma irrigation – what exactly is it?

26th March 2021

Stoma irrigation is otherwise known as colostomy irrigation. Colostomy irrigation is a way of regulating your bowel movements by emptying your colon at a schedule time, using  water. The water...

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Debunking the most common stoma myths

18th March 2021

There are many misconceptions about having a stoma which can be extremely confusing and frightening when you are facing surgery or recovering from recent stoma surgery. Bowels are not a...

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Browse our library of useful resource documents, including everything from product information and guides through to instructions on how to change a stoma pouch. View online or download and read them at your own leisure.

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Knowledge is empowering, which is why we’ve collected a variety of useful information articles on a wide range of stoma topics. Read up on some of the key issues and get valuable tips and advice on living with a stoma.

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