Alginate adhesives, superior skin protection

Find out more about bioactive skin healing. We use 15% alginate in our alginate adhesives, on our flat, soft convex and low profile soft convex bags.

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Seaweed and Alginates

Commercial alginates are produced from marine brown seaweed and have been used successfully for decades in the wound care environment.

Alginates are bioactive (have an effect on a living organism) and hydrophilic (attracted to water).

A gel is formed between the alginate and the wound, the wound secretions and bacterial contamination are minimized which promotes wound healing.

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Use of Alginates in Wound Care

Alginates have been used more recently in wound care in various forms for over fifty years.


Alginates promote autolytic debridement (breakdown of damaged tissue) rapid epithelialization and formation of granulation tissue.


Because alginates are hydrophilic.


Alginates absorb wound fluid which reduces bacterial contamination.


Alginates contain calcium essential in the clotting mechanism.

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15% alginate in all products

Oakmed alginate adhesives contain not just a trace element but 15% alginate which is significant enough to promote all the above mentioned properties. Therefore alginate:

  • Helps to heal sore peristomal skin
  • Reduces patient trauma
  • Reduces the need for accessories
  • Saves on nursing time and costs
  • Is preventative and curative

Read more about Applications for Use in our About Oakmed Alginate brochure, download here.

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Further reading

There is much research about the benefits of alginates in wound healing. A selection of articles is here for further reading.

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Read more about alginates and how we use them in our stoma care products, and read evidence based case studies that prove the effectiveness of alginates on improving sore skin and improving the lives of patients.

About Oakmed Alginate Brochure

About Oakmed Alginate Brochure

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Alginate Case Studies

Alginate Case Studies

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